Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend #25

Another lazy weekend comes and goes. Today it poured all day, Vancouver style. I was also cold from A/C much of the day, so it did sorta feel like winter. I am gonna be crunching at work these next two weeks, of course, so school was left for the weekend.

Speaking of, AM has just announced a new master class program! Animals & Creatures. It's a 6 month program aimed at creating realistic creature animation for VFX animation. It looks awesome, I'm hoping to take it sometime after I finish my current program. There's a link here.

Otherwise, I had my cheat day yesterday. I ate a looot of food I shouldn't normally have, including an awesome dinner with Teen at Yellow Light Thai (I LOVE PAD THAI) followed by a trip to our favorite dessert place, Awfully Chocolate Noms!

Mmm cold poached chocolate. This is the best dessert I've ever had.

Chinese New Year is coming up, so the studio is closed Thursday and Friday. Since I am no longer going on holiday, I'll probably still be at work... at least being productive is something!

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