Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hi guys!

Hi friends. I have no specific subject for this blog post, but thought I'd write for random subjects. I just had a cold, it sucked. I had to stay inside all weekend, like a baby. Teen took very good care of me. Thanks sweetie!

Saturday was my 'cheat day' where I can eat whatever I want. Since I felt the most sick that day, I didn't really make the most of it. Teen made us some deeelicious risotto for dinner though.

We have been back from Bangkok for just over a week now. It feels like it's been longer because I've been super busy since then. First - Bangkok. It was a fun but pretty relaxing trip. We were both bummed that my Dad and Step-Mom couldn't make it, we were supposed to meet them there, but we decided to go and make the most of it anyway. Thailand won't always be a two hour flight away! We stayed in a pretty nice hotel in Chinatown, very convenient location for walking around. I was extremely excited to get my first of many tuk-tuk rides. Though basically just a motorbike with a cart on the back, they were awesome. You can semi-bargain with them, and once we got an idea of how much it cost to get around we were feeling less ripped off. It was cheap-ish... but not extremely. Beer was around $2 and most meals $5 or so. I'm assuming because it's a big city.

Highlights of the trip were a trip to the floating market (very much a tourist trap, but still fun to float around in... until the guide demanded a tip so we jumped out and ran away.)

This old man was awesome. Look at his face!

We also visited the zoo, which was all right... mostly because we saw a baby monkey walking around with a zoo keeper and it came very close to us. Adorable. We then went to the aquarium, which was awesome. We got to see a 4d movie about cute little animated turtles making their way in a world being destroyed by humans. The animation was surprisingly very good, though the 4th dimension was more terrifying than enjoyable. It sprayed us in the face with... something, poked our bums in the seat, and whipped our legs (which I, of course, always thought was someone stabbing me with a needle). It would've been better 2d, old school like the old school.

A visit to Koh San road was also a requirement. This is a small street cut off from traffic in the evening, selling many cheap items (clothes etc.) and quite a few bars and restaurants. We had an awesome Thai dinner here, the best of the trip, then had a mediocre drink at one of the bars before heading back to the hotel.

We found an awesome coffee shop, Black Canyon Coffee, which had the hugest selection of awesome coffee's I've ever seen. I think I was just in love with the menu. We went there the first day, and I basically talked about it the whole time, until I'm sure Teen was tired of it, and we got to go to another one on the last day. Woo hoo! Teen got her coffee in a boot. A glass boot of course.

We got a late flight home, arriving around 1:30am, where I received a text asking me to come in at 8am for a meeting. Since I'm a very reliable, excellent employee, I agreed. Super tired, I showed up on time, then Rob and I had to entertain our Animation Director who had arrive in Asia for the first time from California, visiting us for a couple days. We actually had a really good time. We got a lot of shop talk taken care of, got to know each other better than through the video cam, and went for a nice dinner downtown by the water.

Otherwise not to much has been going on, sans me being sick, previously mentioned, and us having to cancel our Sri Lanka trip. We basically can't go anywhere for Chinese New Year now because all flights out of Singapore are booked. Guess it'll be a chill few days off!

And, because I want to, a plug for my show! This is the first of a trilogy we did, I started working here on the third one.

That's about it folks! Oh, and diet update... I faltered yesterday and ate ice cream, but am back on the wagon! I lost almost 5 pounds this week, so I figure I should stick it out for a few more. Down to 136 from 141. Woots. Two and a bit more days to go, can't wait for cheat day!

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