Tuesday, January 4, 2011


As with every new year, I tell myself I will get in shape. Each year goes by where I sorta do for a bit... I hope this year will be different.

I started doing my P90x/Insanity workouts in the morning (5x a week, not 6x) and have been eating properly for... well 3 days now. I should probably actually weigh myself to see if I make changes. Waking up early has never been my favorite, but I'll keep at it for now. I can't seem to get time in the evenings.

This new 'radical' book was just released with I'm sure some of you have seen "The 4-Hour Body". Tim Ferriss is at it again, after his success of the 4 hour work week (which I never read, because, come on, no animator gets awesome on 4 hours a week). In this book he claims you can become superhuman and run 100 miles, and lose 20lbs in 30 days. I can't wait to read it and be a superhero like Buffy and save the world, a lot.

Though it's ideas are a little out there, a little extreme, and potentially not the right way to do things, I am nonetheless curious. I think I'll pick up a copy and give it a read. His 30 day diet actually makes sense, cutting out all 'white' carbs (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta) and replacing them with beans and lentils, and completely cutting out juice and fruit. The idea, I'm assuming, is to cut all the sugar, so your body actually burns the fat. I don't know if I could do 30 days of beans, but maybe a few days here and there could help. I'll let ya know how it goes.

This seems like something Kevin would be into - as it also has that strange sleep pattern idea (a series of 20 minute naps through the day). That is something I'm not willing to try, I love sleeping.


  1. Careful with that 30 day diet... it sounds a LOT like Atkins. It will work as a quick fix, but the second you get back to normal the weight will jump back on.

  2. Yeah, we'll see. Atkin's promoted no carbs at all, this is just supposed to replace bread carbs with beans carbs or 'slow-carbs'. I'm anti-atkins. Bacon /= healthy.

  3. yeah, you remember me after atkins???? FAT. personally i think that no one should ever cut out a type of food, like carbs, you should just moderate. i like the idea of getting rid of the 'white' carbs and i'd replace them with 'brown' ones LOL

    speaking of white carbs, we went to five guys burgers n fries today.....Awesome. i sent you a photo :D