Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - Time to Resolute

As I did last year, I will compare my January goals to achievements. As this year had some unexpected changes, I didn't quite get them all, let's take a look:


1. Continue doing Animation Mentor and keep in contact with my mentors.
2. Hike Garibaldi
3. Try outdoor rock climbing - scary!
4. Learn to paint! Our club will certainly help this.
5. Go to Japan and China.
6. Don't buy anything I don't need, unless it's travel related.
7. Work on getting my OCD under control.
8. Spend New Years with my friends this year :)

And reality:

1. Success. Though I had to take one term off for the move, and struggled though the last one, I successfully made it through. Half-way done, and on to my first acting class starting tomorrow.
2. Fail. I have been wanting to do this for years and I still haven't! I guess it's gonna have to wait for 2012 now...
3. Success. I went outdoor climbing this past week in Thailand, and it was awesome!
4. Half check. Though we did start the 'we can't paint' club, we only successfully completed one painting. Trying is something.
5. I didn't, in fact go to China or Japan, but I did go to Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand, so I consider that a fair trade-off. Success.
6. Half check. I had to buy quite a few things when moving to Singapore, but I've been pretty good and most of my purchases have been trips.
7. Half check. I try, it's hard. I could put more effort in, undoubtedly, but I only have so much time, and most of that is taken up with work and school right now.
8. Fail. This made me sad, I really wanted to spend New Years with my buds. Although we had a wicked time in Thailand with some old dude, some french dude, and some British girl, it wasn't the same.

Total 4.5/8. Doesn't quite match up to last years 75% but I still had some awesome experiences and crossed quite a few things off my bucket list. Here are some of the top.

I moved to another country.

I got to travel to 5 new countries.

I am working at a sweet animation company.

I became a dual-citizen, and got my British Passport.

I went on a wicked road trip to Utah.

I got Teen to finally like Buffy!

So as for this year, here are a few of my goals!

1. Travel to at least 5 new countries.
2. Finish Animation Mentor.
3. Spend New Years with my buddies in Vancouver (really this time).
4. Play more guitar.

I'm gonna leave it at that so I don't overwhelm myself. Hope you all had a great holiday!

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