Sunday, December 19, 2010

Workout Pain

I started working out again for the first time in 4 months. I can't take a break like that again. I decided to mix up Insanity and P90X to form Pinsanity X, a grueling 5 day a week beat down. I've decided to be realistic and not make it 6 or 7 days, because I just won't do it. I took my favorite exercises from the two programs to make my own. So far I've done 2 days, and my body is killing me! It hurts to lift my arms, it hurts to lift my legs. I might have to make today my break day. I've decided I want a new 'style' and to wear this style of clothes, I need to be skinnier. So the quest begins.

In other news, I have a boyfriend. That might be a stretch. A boy who works near my building has decided he enjoys my company. He likes to follow me to work. Also, he occasionally runs after me and asks me to go on a date. I politely decline. Today he tried to find out where I live, so I lied about it. I stretched this lie to include telling him I have a big strong boyfriend already. "He's a vampire,: I said. "So don't be comin' round these parts at night." He doesn't seem to get the hint, maybe the vampire thing came off as a joke. I'm going to change my route to work in hopes of avoiding him in the future, or possible set him up with a she-pire to fill his lonely nights.


  1. SKINNY JEANS!!!!!

    Also.. what? Is he from Singapore? How old?

    I think we ran into Teen's boyfriend today in the elevator.

  2. NOT skinny jeans, ew.

    He's just some other expat boy, I dunno, he's like my age. He's nice, but ya know... no.

    Sweet, you should send him a love note about comic books.