Friday, December 17, 2010

Singapore Night Out

I just experienced a nerdy animator's dream last night - I went out and had drinks with Shawn Kelly. If anyone doesn't know who that is... he is a senior animator at ILM California, and a co-founder of Animation Mentor.

Left to right; Shawn, Carlos and Bobby, Animation Mentor founders.

So Shawn was doing a talk in Malaysia, and decided to pop over to Singapore and visit ILM while he's here. I noticed hoards of animators follow him downstairs after work, where we usually have a few beers on Friday. They surrounded him and took turns taking pictures. I played it cool and sat to the side. He's friends with some of my work buddies (Ullas - the lead animator I took over for and Cedric - ILM animation lead). After the hype died down, Ullas, Cedric, Shawn and I (along with Neil and Paul and a couple others) decided to head downtown to Blue Jaz for some dinner and a few drinks. I normally never go out, but hey... ya don't get to meet Shawn Kelly every day. He introduced himself and we chatted about Clone Wars (he trained the original crew (Ullas) 5 years ago here), Animation Mentor and random other stuff. He was super friendly and cool. I don't have a photo of us, see above mentioned 'playing it cool', but overall it was a super fun night. I got home after 1 and then was woken up at 8:30 for some men to fix a leak in the ceiling. I'm pretty sure these fumes are making me high as I sit here typing. Hopefully they finish up soon.

In other news, 5 more days until Christmas Holiday YAAAAAAAAAY! I can't say how excited I am for a break right now. Work = super stressful. I love it... but yes, stress. Teen took off to Malaysia for the week, so she'll be back Thursday and then we fly out again Saturday.

Also, I just got linked by Shane to this iPhone app which looks pretty sweet. Once they work out a few kinks and add more languages, and I get an iPhone again... I reckon I'll get it!

Well, I've got the weekend to myself. Time to fill it with updating my demo reel and starting my solid workout routine... for a week until holiday. I bought some weights, finally, the other night. Wow are they overpriced here. I'm used to the Canadian Tire $1/pound. Here, no such luck. A pair of 10lbs. was $60! Wtf? I managed, with the help of Janette and Teen, to find some at $30 for the pair, still overpriced but I guess the best I'll find. Late nights, overtime dinners, and no exercise are starting to get to me. Also the fumes, don't forget the fumes.


  1. I just got the Iphone4. Just saying. Bragging. You would understand if you were here to marvel in the awesomeness of it. In fact, if your pixer guy walked by all the animators, then I walked by right after with my Iphone4, they would follow me to the bar. It's that awesome.

    Also, it's nice to see SOME Christmas excitement... even if just for the holiday part.

  2. Hah, well it doesn't really 'feel' like Christmas. We have no decorations, everyone is just leaving the city to go elsewhere. I did, however, get a lovely Skywalker Ranch snow globe from work. It sits majestically on my desk.

    Jealous of iPhone4. Me wants! They sell unlocked ones here, $880 for the 16GB I think (Singapore) so that's like $680 Canadian. I don't know if that's a good deal, but then I can take it anywhere, so I won't need a stupid contract!