Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pre-Krabi Plan

It's Christmas Eve! I'm at work! Most of my animators are mingling and I'm worrying about taxes. Ok enough of that. Off to Krabi tomorrow, our flight is just before noon so we should be in our hotel relaxin' by 2pm.

Ideally I will do the following:

Rock Climb like this chick.

Ride elephants into a river and beyond.

Take a Thai cooking class!

Eat a lot of pad thai, and whatever that coconut thing behind is... that looks allllright.

Hike through jungles like this one.

Dive and/or snorkel with Teen's new underwater camera, woo hoo!

Kayak under caves. I love caves.

So that might be a little ambitious, or maybe not. At least there are a lot of options. Yippee! Getting out of the city for 8 days will be awesome. Hope you all have a great holiday!


  1. By Jenn! I left skype on, but you never show up on it. So I guess I will e-mail, slathering with Christmas joy or something. I'm actually super tired right now, and must update Houseoften... though nothing is really happening today worth mentioning. Chaos starts Christmas Eve night.

  2. We are bringing a laptop to Thailand, if we have internet in our room we will try to skype a few times, hopefully we catch you!! Have a good Christmas :)