Friday, December 10, 2010

Comic Con (and other stuff)

Phew, been a while again. Brief update on the past couple of weeks:

1. I turned 27. I had no party and would like never to speak of this again. I will commence birthday parties next year, when I refill my shoes in the birthday trifecta, which takes attention off me, and Jay is always way older anyway ;) Thanks Ellery for filling in this year, you looked great in that wig.

2. I'm ALMOST done this term at school. Today my last assignment is due, then I have three weeks off for Christmas. Thank GOD. I barely made it through this term. Way too much to do at work. I hope to balance things better next term (acting) so I can get something out of it.

3. I had a leadership retreat day at work. I learned about my personality type (and color). Basically it boils down to this:

Red - Confident, sometimes controlling, driven
Blue - Organized, scheduled, likes meeting deadlines
Yellow - Outgoing, people oriented, fun
Green - Emotionally driven, caring, understanding

Basically that was the order I ended up with haha. I was a similar level of blue, red and yellow, and had very little green. That doesn't surprise me. Emotional people irritate me.

4. I lied about number 1. I was bombarded with a surprise party last night. I went to Rob and Janette's to meet them and Teen after staying at work until 8:30 on a Friday night (how red/blue of me) and decided to yellow it up for a bit before bed. I showed up to a pile of balloons, signs, and a required birthday hat for me to enter. I put it on. Then we ate pizza, drank some wine (and eggnog, for those weirdos... not together), played wii fit and had a good ol' time.


How nerdy. Lucasfilm had a presentation on Clone Wars, of which Rob (my fellow animation lead) and Josh (assets lead) were speaking. I thankfully was not required to talk, but got a front row seat to the show, along with Teen and Janette. I must say it made me very excited and proud to work on. PHOTOS!

Hanging out before the talk. The head of the studio, left, Rob, Josh, and Lee (CG supervisor) on the right.

Rob, clearly excited to present as Josh was speaking, and Meiting, one of our recruiters.

Josh explaining about scale and how they develop assets for the show.

Rob's turn to talk!

Vader and a storm trooper showed up. Lee had to get a hand in there...

A still from one of the animation segments they showed. Grievous and Ventress!

A shot of the crowd.

Teen wanted to discuss the rest of the convention, as I went back to work shortly after the talk. That about sums up the last two weeks folks!

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