Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trips Ahoy

What a cheesy title, who chose that? With Brunei coming up on Saturday, we of course decided to plot out some more trips to take on our Asian Adventure. With quite a few holidays per year, and my 6 remaining holiday days, we have come up with a sweet, yet tentative list.

November 2010 - Brunei

December 2010 - Krabi, Thailand

January 2011 - Koh Chang, Thailand (when my Dad and Jennifer come to visit)

February 2011 - Sri Lanka

April 2011 - Bali, Indonesia (when my sisters come to visit)

May 2011 - Hong Kong

We have 1 more holiday after wards which we haven't decided upon. Possibly back to Cambodia since I haven't checked it out yet. We are also planning a 2 month trip up through China and Japan before we come home. YAY TRAVELING!

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