Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas in Singapore

This feels weird. Singaporeans are obsessed with Christmas. Decorations are up in all the stores, banners hanging in the hawkers stalls. It's hot, sunny, non-November feeling pre-Christmas. Though I'm not the biggest supporter of 'Christmas', I miss the feeling that time of year brings. 60 days of rain, leaves piling up, wet soppy puddles, jeans soaked to the knee... or... er, well the other things. Cookies and get togethers and nom nom dinners. Also it's secretly cute when other people like Christmas, even though I'm not into that kinda thing. Not sure if we will be doing much Christmas-y celebrations here, I barely noticed it's my birthday in two weeks. We are in massive crunch at work and the weeks are flying by. Good and bad I suppose.

Speaking of birthdays... 27! When the hell did that happen! Why life, why must you whiz by so hastily? I probably do it to myself. Too much work makes years go bye bye. Maybe it's time I revert back to my old idea of tying a handkerchief to a stick and putting something in that handkerchief, and walking around with it, looking at stuff and stuff. Balance is the consistent goal that I struggle to attain, and struggle even harder to keep if by some miracle I'm in it for a brief moment. Before I realize it, I'm working so hard at being balanced that the scales have tipped again. Maybe I should go to Tibet and hang out with the Buddhists for a while. How did they get so wise, so accepting, forgiving and peaceful? Maybe it's the altitude.

If I don't find my balance, if my 20's continue to fly by as fast as the rest of them, well hey, 30 can't be so bad.


  1. The 30's are pretty sweet so far. A little older, a little wiser, a little more money to play with. You'll be fine.

    PS. Christmas won't be the same without you here.

  2. I know, sad panda. We could have a skype chat and drink Bellini's simultaneously. Got you guys a few lil' pressies we'll be sending over shortly :)