Sunday, November 28, 2010


Teen and I went out today to find a bookstore that carried more than a few top sellers mixed in with school textbooks. We found one! We took the MRT about 40 minutes to Orchard, which is a fancier area of town where all the high end shops are. I was on the search for this book of knowledge, and Teen wanted some comics.

Before the big browse, we decided to check out this brunch place we'd heard many good things about, Wild Honey. Though we waited a good hour and a half (at least there were some interesting shops in the mall to browse) it was well worth the wait. There are breakfast options broken into countries, which was very interesting, and many of them looked amazing, though as I have been in eggs benny withdrawl for closing in on four months, what option did I have but to choose the European breakfast. A benny with mushrooms, prosciutto, and delicious hollandaise served on brioche. I can safely say this was one of the best bennies I've ever had, delicious!

We headed to the bookstore and I ended up with two sweet books (running me $90 as the prices here are close to double what they should be).

National Geographic's "The Knowledge Book"

I'm very excited about this one. It is broken into categories on astronomy, geology, history, biology, the arts etc. It's filled with photos and a ton of useful information that isn't super dry or difficult to read. WIN!

Lonely Planet's Traveler's Guide to "Planet Earth".

This one I just came across while browsing. Lonely Planet's guide to the BBC's "Planet Earth" series, from a traveler's perspective. It has some amazing destinations around the world in the different Planet Earth categories such as Caves, Deserts and Mountains.

Yay excited!

PS - Saw Scott Pilgrim last night FINALLY! I actually thought it was pretty cool. Some things were left out, as with all book to movies, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


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