Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Years

Last Saturday marked the two year anniversary for Teen and I! Who would've thought we'd be spending it trudging through a rain forest in Singapore. But we did. And it was amazing.

In the Northern Central area of Singapore is a rainforest. As with most places in Singapore it's clean, well maintained and pretty safe. It is part of a reservoir/water conservation plan to restore and improve waterways for Singaporeans and it's various species. We started off at a very nice 'stretching zone', a covered wooden courtyard filled with yogis, drink stands, bathrooms and information about the area.

We bought some well needed water and headed out for the 11km hike, which was estimated to take 4-5 hours. At first we were passing through a man-made lake, which was pretty cool because a ton of kayakers and long boat paddlers were practicing through the center of it. We walked around the side of the lake and entered the rain forest.

Though the hike wasn't especially hard (absolutely no comparison to the Chief or the Grind, this was mild incline/decline only). At the start of the trail head, we were suddenly approached by a monkey, who was quite curious of Teen's pop. Moments later about 5 others emerged. I'm not gonna lie, I was worried. The big one came close to Teen and followed her as she threw away the pop, after which it settled down. I took some video and photos which I'll add in soon (I'm at work, because I can't seem to find any time to post and decided to just do it now).

There was an adorable baby that sat directly in front of a woman, staring up at her. This was amazing, I'd never been so close to wild monkeys before. The other hikers told us they were safe, but not to feed them. We continued on. At first we heard a lot of thunder and considered heading back, but it blew over and the day remained comfortably overcast. At first trail runners were passing us frequently, making us feel very out of shape, but once we got further in they decreased in numbers and we were, for the most part, alone.

We saw a flying squirrel jump out of a tree and glide towards us. Later we reached a suspension bridge on the canopy level of the forest and got to see out with an amazing view. Much of the hike turned into wooden boardwalks and up/down stairs as we continued to see wildlife. A large monitor lizard was devouring a dead monkey. We aren't sure if he killed the monkey or not, but I like to think he did. I almost stepped on a snake of unknown variety. Teen insists it didn't bite me, and since I'm still around days later, she is probably right. We also saw a family of turtles swimming by the lake shore nearing the end of our journey, as well as another adorable family of monkeys, with EXTRA babies this time. We were both quite tired after the 3.5 hours that it ended up taking us, but it was an awesome experience. If anyone tries to tell you there's nothing to do in Singapore, by golly, they'd be wrong.

11 weeks down, 45 to go! Maybe I shouldn't count so often, it'll feel like longer...