Sunday, October 31, 2010


Teen and I have been watching this awesome new show from Jamie Oliver - Food Escapes. He travels around (mostly Europe) and learns about local cooking techniques, demonstrates a few of his own twists on their recipes, and shows a bit of the local culture. It's also shot very nicely which adds to it's appeal. There are some really cool shows here that I don't think we get back home, this being one of them.

Anyhow, when he traveled to Venice he cooked some amazing risottos and we had to try. I have never made risotto, nor had Teen, and we've heard from all the cooking shows that it's easy to mess up so I was a little nervous about how we'd do. We managed to pull it off (well Teen did most of the tending to it while I cooked the chicken and the toppings). The main thing about risotto is that it requires a lot of attention, almost constant stirring and adding stock every minute for about 17 minutes. It turned out great, we added it to the tomato and basil I cooked, then added the rest to the artichokes. Two delicious risottos and some chicken, yum yum!

We didn't take pictures because we were starving and scarfed it all down. I recommend!

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