Sunday, October 10, 2010

Return of the Blogi

I'm back! Sorry for my hiatus, I was very busy the past couple weeks due to SCHOOL starting back up. Sigh. Sometimes I don't know why I do this to myself. I love school, and I love work, but work + school = less free time for other fun times. I will really try to be more diligent, even if it's a short post.

This weekend, however, I got my schoolwork done on Saturday so I had last night and today to play! This weekend has been quite full, in fact. On Friday, we went downstairs to the local pub after work for a few beers with the crew. Teen joined, as per usual. Janette's mom has been in town the last week, so Rob, Teen and I went and joined them for some infamous Singapore Chili Crab.

We went to a local seafood establishment to chow down, for a more expensive dinner than I had expected. We ended up paying about $45 each but at least we had some delicious chili crab AND black pepper crab.

We then wandered around and found the wake board park, which is open at night as well. It's basically a large man-made lake with a pulley system attached to ropes which you hang on to and they drag you around. There are some sweet jumps on it as well; watch out for future entries of me bailing hard at the wake board park.

After I finished my school yesterday, we met up with Rob, Janette and mom yet again! This time for some delicious Laksa, chocolate cupcake deliciousness, and to top it all off, a viewing of Eat Pray Love (which only just now opened in Singapore). I did enjoy the movie, but not as much as the book as is usually the case. I probably enjoyed it slightly less than the chocolate... but it was gooood chocolate.

I intended on having a bunch of photos to go along with this, but as usual technology has thwarted my plans. I decided to shoot on my photos raw this weekend, and then of course we didn't have a codec we needed for photoshop to open the files. Then Teen's computer decided that it has extreme protection and wouldn't let us download winrar which we needed to download the codec. The end result is that I'm now downloading photoshop on my computer, but it isn't done yet.

The GOOD news; I edited a very dramatic cut of our trip to Palau Ubin, a nearby island we went bike riding on today, which will be available for your viewing pleasure shortly!

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, hope you had a turkey-blast with a side of ladled goodness.

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