Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Phew, another long week goes by. Fridays arrive more quickly each week, and I'm always looking forward to them! I had to work late/do schoolwork almost every night this week, so I was very happy to leave work on time and go check out more of Singapore.

We went downtown with Rob, Janette and Janette's mom (who likes to prod and tease me in typical Aussie fashion, calling me 'hungry Jenn' because apparently I'm always eating... but I can tell she really likes me, especially when I ousted her of a cheers session because she didn't have the green beer we all had). All in good fun!

We went downtown to check out iLight, a light show in the harbour. It ended up not being especially amazing light show wise, but was a beautiful night and the city looked awesome. We had a nice meal before heading out to the show in a yaletown-esque part of town, filled with a ton of expats, it actually felt like home.

This photo by Teen.

I've started a new game I like to call kick the cockroach. Teen is very fearful of them, so yesterday on the train platform when she screamed and hopped away from one, I kicked it swiftly onto the tracks, much to my satisfaction.

Later in the evening, while on the pier, Rob noticed a cockroach down the platform. I ran at it full speed, kicking mightily, and the cockroach flew astray and landed on a man's foot, quickly speeding up his leg. While everyone else watched with their jaws dropped, I proceeded to turn and run away as fast as possible.

This game is getting better every day.

So it was all in all a successful Friday night! Today Teen is off for her working interview as an event planner, GOOD LUCK TEEN! I will be doing some homework for a few hours before meeting up with Bradley for an ice-skating break at the arena a few MRT stops away. I have been told the ice is terrible, bumpy, and has a layer of water on it. I really hope I don't fall down.

The pier where I kicked the cockroach.


  1. 1. Is "expats" supposed to be "exports" with an accent?

    2. Cockroach-Kicking is begging to made into a video montage. Please get on this right away.


  2. 1. Expats is short for 'expatriate' which refers to someone living in a country other than their own.

    2. I totally agree, especially after I booted one on a wall last night and smeared it real good like.

    3. SHE GOT IT!!!