Monday, September 20, 2010

Tennis Team

I have been recruited onto the LucasFilm tennis team, YEEHAW! Well, in actuality this was our first outing. We went to one of the girls' place closeby and had a super time, but it was very hot even after the sun went down. I hadn't played tennis in a few years, and I haven't played competitively since highschool, but I wasn't as rusty as I expected. I'm looking forward to continuing with Monday Night Tennis!

Last night was the second installment of White Night! We had a nummy shrimp dip, cheese plate, KD, Green Curry and a loooot of cookies. Below are some photos. The last one, where I look terrible, I had to post because I think my face looks like a cookie. Cookie face from eating 5 cookies.

Also this week I bought a laptop. I was planning on getting a Mac but in the end it lost and PC won. $2700 vs $999. Apple, get with the program duuude.

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  1. yeah! F Apple! F em right in their Iphone-not-in-stock Anus.