Sunday, September 5, 2010

The New Place

We moved! No longer are we in the service apartment. I found a place closer to work (about a 20 minute walk) and near Rob & Janette's place. Teen's aunt Dina gave us a bunch of stuff yesterday, since the place doesn't come with cookware etc., and drove us with all our stuff from Chinatown to our new place. We took a stop by Ikea on the way as well. This will be an expensive couple of weeks.

I'll still need to pick up a few things, a chair for the livingroom, a lamp, a side table etc. but we have the bulk of what we need. Here are some photos! It's very messy because we just dropped everything in here. Enjoy heh.

Here's the living room. We're on the main floor, which is nice, because we get a little grassy area and the rest of the units have no balconies. In fact, we came home today to have someone's laundry drying on our lawn. A guy came by later saying he had a deal with the previous tenant to dry his clothes there on Sunday's. I was a good guy and said that was ok. If anyone else tries pulling that though... fist shake!

I had to open all the cupboards and air the place out. I'll show it again once it's all fixed up!

Here is the bedroom.

This is the half bath.

The master bath.

This is where I found a gecko, got scared, and threw a bucket at it. I haven't been back in there since yestday.


  1. Teen, you're going to go blind sitting that close to the TV.

  2. you should ask the gecko if he can get you a cheap deal on car insurance