Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chores are boring

This last week has been very busy, very stressful, and very annoying. This is why I have not blogged! I had/have irritating tasks to accomplish outside of work, during work hours, and many of them didn't go as smoothly as I would've liked. I had to go set up automatic withdrawal for my landlady, so I took the almost 2 hour lunch, the two trains and a walk in the rain to the bank, the 30 minute wait, for them to tell me they couldn't process the papers because they couldn't decipher the branch code from the account number. Really? Thanks bankers. So I had to go back to work, find out from my agent that it was in fact the first three numbers of the account, and waste another 2 hour lunch, along with missing a meeting at work that I should've attended, to finally get that set up. Then I called to get the gas tank filled at home so we could cook. The lady barely spoke English, and then told me she couldn't send a guy unless I knew what size the tank was. Apparently me saying "like a BBQ propane size" wasn't good enough. Once I called back again and finally got her to understand the address, a guy came and filled it up while Teen was there. She left with him, and her and I met for dinner before going to pick up Ed from the airport. I decided to go back home and drop off my bag before we went to the airport, and when we arrived the whole place smelled like gas. The guy had left the burner knob on full and just left. So we had to open all the windows and doors and sit outside for 1/2 hour to air it out. Thankfully no one lit a match. I still have to find a post office to pay my $110 TV license fee, which you need to pay whether or not you have cable, but none are close to work and I'm tired of stressing out running around all day. Fuck you, TV license.


That is the end of my rant, it has been a stressful week. I also started my new episode at work so I'm getting used to the semi-rushed work atmosphere, which probably wasn't helping. I do really, really like my job though. I like it much more than chores. Needless to say, the last two nights have been beer-nights.

Tonight, we go to Bintan, Indonesia! I hope to relax there, have fun with Ed and Teen, and come back Monday with less anger.

Wow, what a bitter post. I'll talk to Yoda later and see what he has to say. Very wise he is.

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  1. Setting up after a move is always a pain. At least you're going away for a bit. I'm sure you'll have tons of fun in Bintan. Hugs to Teen and Ed!