Friday, August 20, 2010


Sorry my blog posts have been so wordy and not picturey enough. Teen accidentally took the wrong camera cord to Vietnam with her so I can't upload anything!! I did a little (terrible) drawing session with my Clone Wars book so I'll have to update ya on that later. El - no matter how bad you think you are, remember I'll always be worse ;)

So I made it through my first week! And I sent in my first shot! Despite only really getting 3/4 of a day of animation time in, I got my 8 second shot submitted. Granted it wasn't very difficult, but I was proud nonethless. Also, I was told I can approve my own work haha. I got the other lead to look anyway until I'm more comfortable with the show style, it's always good for someone to check out your stuff with an objective eye. Rob and I decided to run some of our stuff past each other for that reason. Anyway, shot submitted. I also had to interview someone already, yikes! The interviews are kinda nerve racking for everyone cause there were four of 'us' (Rob, myself, a recruiter (Meiting) and our associate producer Tim, interviewing one guy. I got a few questions in but mostly just observed how the whole thing went to get more comfortable with it. Interviewing can be almost as scary as being interviewed. I would've tried to prep a bit more but we had 2 hours notice for it and we were in another meeting right before!

After work a bunch of us headed down to Chinatown (right by where I'm staying) to have dinner and some beers. I'll give you a short rundown on the guys cause I'll probably mention them throughout the year.

This is Paul. He's a senior animator on my team. An Aussie.

This is Brad. He's on a different project at work, also an animator, also an Aussie. Him, Paul and Neil (below) worked with Rob in Australia. Brad is funny and hairy.

This is Neil and his girlfriend Alaine. He is an animator on Rob's team. Also Aussie. Very nice guy. He's actually buddies with one of my AM bud's as well.

You guys probably know James and Victoria. They're from Vancouver. Oddly enough, Victoria is actually from Trail, BC where Bryan's girlfriend Kailey is from, and of course they know each other. Small world! James is the FX lead on our show, and Victoria works downtown near Chinatown.

And of course you guys know Rob and Janette!

There, now the pictures are taken care of! So we all went down to Chinatown last night. Had some gt's, some laughs, some food, and some creepy guy went into a bathroom stall with James and tried to hit on him. Later we saw the guy sitting in a corner alone. I went home around 10:30 cause I'm lame and they no doubt partied it up later!

Today I got up to get my employment pass! My alarm didn't go off (because I hadn't set it properly) so I was scuttling around this morning to get out in time. I struggled with finding a taxi because I forgot they mostly just pick you up from Taxi stands which are littered about the city. Once I got to one I found a guy right away. What a ride that was. He was telling me how there are no God's and that people just made it up. Then later he talked about going to heaven and all you have to do is love. All that matters is love, hope and... something else, and without love you are... hopeless (looks at me in the rearview mirror) "hahahahahahahahahahah!" People here are weird sometimes. Then he proceeded to show me a two page laminate of a newspaper article where he hit a bad guy with his car and held him down for the police. Apparently this bad guy was hired to chop chop people up, and God went within the taxi driver to give him superman strength and stop the bad guy. After all, I probably could've walked to the e-pass office faster than we drove, but it was an interesting experience anyway. I got some photos taken, had 18 attemps by a trainee to take my fingerprints, and went off on my way, approved by the ministry of manpower to work and live in Singapore!

I was supposed to then find a certain bank, the DBS Bank, to open an account so I can proceed to the other tasks of getting an apartment etc. I looked and looked and found EVERY other bank, even the obscure ones, but couldn't find DBS. I came home, checked online, and went back out. Again, no DBS. I did find a subway and a nice coffee shop so I got some nom noms and came back home, defeated again by my poor direction sense, and had my subway. I'll have to go to another branch on my way to work Monday.

I finally spoke to my apartment agent, he lined up a few places for me to look at and we're heading out in an hour or so. I'm excited, and hope I find one I like! Unfortunately, since I didn't open a bank account (they're only open from 9-1 on Saturdays) I might not be able to put down a deposit as soon as I'd like. We'll see. At least I'm getting out there!

That's it for now, I'll keep ya posted on how the house hunt goes!

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