Saturday, August 28, 2010


The last few days haven't been anything epic. Work, work, work. I realized I've become a little rusty on my full body character animation and acting. Boo! That's what two years of talking dogs will do to you. Note to self: Don't do that again. I went into work on Saturday to get some good animation time in. Usually my days have been consisting of an hour of work, an hour of meeting, half hour work, lunch, two hours of meeting, one hour work, one hour meeting... you get the idea. Lots of meetings, hard to find your flow. Saturday was great and I got a lot done.

When doing shot assignments last week, I kept finding more fun stuff *I* wanted to animate, so I kept taking it (as lead, I get to choose whatever I want hah). However, I technically have no quota, yet I took a full quota of work. I am having reservations about this now... I think I'll have to hand some back. No need to overload myself when I can just focus on making a few really nice pieces.

I'm heading over to James and Victoria's tonight, with about 6 others, for a dinner party! Vic is making lasagna so I said I'd make ceasar salad. This is tough, however, finding all the things I need (I want to make the dressing from scratch). When I went to my local little grocery store they only had one romaine lettuce and not enough of everything else I need. I'll have to do some exploring and find a bigger store. In fact, I better get on that asap as I have to leave in about two hours for the party.

We (James, Vic, Teen and I) are also going on a trip in November so we have to sort out those details and book. I think the plan right now is to go to Borneo (Malaysia). Or Brunei which is a tiny country right between. Ah here's a map.

So the area is sweet, and has weird things like this:

Interesting architecture.

Charming residents.

Unique flora.

Strange fauna.

It will no doubt be a magical experience.

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