Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Unofficial Burger Review

I have been on a search for the best burger in Vancouver, since I was disappointed that Fat Burger reigned as my favorite. Surely some local establishment can out beat a chain! I had the idea of making score cards and doing a weekly burger outing to rate the contenders in best burger. Though I haven't had the time for that, I have spent a few lunches trying recommended burger places nearby. Here are my unofficial results (unofficial due to lack of score cards and too few rated burgers).

Splitz Burger

This Main Street location was set up pretty neat, lots of options (buffalo, turkey etc.) with a large selection of sauces and condiments. I went for the buffalo. I would say this was a very decent burger, but it didn't question my 'best burger' title. I believe I gave it an 8. My friends Mel and Bus Pass agreed, with similar rankings of 8 or 8.5.

Market Grill

This was highly recommended to me by Megz. It is situated in the back corner of the Granville Island Market near the water. Just a burger stand in a food court-like area. It was, however, the successful overtaker of Fat Burger, when it beat out all other past contenders for the best burger title. Mel, Bus Pass, Teen and I agree - so far this is the best burger.

Romer's Burger Bar

This is a new place at near 4th and Burrard. It has some cool burger selections, great fries with different types of mayo dips, and comes with an olive and hot pepper on the side. The burger itself was pretty good, thick, interesting toppings, but again not in the running as 'top burger' for me or the others I went with. I would probably rate this around 7.5-8, but the fries were a 10, probably some of the best fries I've ever had.

So there you have it folks. Please continue the burger search while I'm away, but check out Market Grill if you get a chance. Delicious is it's first name.

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