Saturday, August 14, 2010


Phew. That was a long day... or days. With the time change, and the way we flew, it was actually daylight the entire time. We left around 3:30pm Vancouver time, and arrived at 7pm Hong Kong time. That flight was fairly good for the most part. We were on a giant double decker plane, with nice seats near the back. I got the window, which always makes me feel safer somehow. If I can see the wing, and it's not on fire, success. Around the 6 hour mark I started to get a little anxious and antsy. Too long sitting in one place, and we were only around halfway to HK. I had to take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Then around the 9 hour mark, some fairly rough turbulence started, and was on and off for the remaining 3 hours. That really freaked me out, it was the worst turbulence I've had, but I'm sure there is much worse. I'm clearly not the best flyer. Teen didn't even seem to notice it, except the tightening grip on her knee. We played multiplayer pong on the plane, watched 3 or 4 movies, a few TV shows, and had some decent meals. Overall, a pretty good flight. Then we had a quick change over in the Hong Kong airport to fly to Singapore. This was a smaller plane, and luckily our 4 hour flight had a tailwind so ended up being 3 hours 20 minutes! AND it was fairly empty, so Teen and I moved from our separated seats we were assigned to, to another pair of window/aisle seats. This flight was fast, smooth and easy. We were both so exhausted by this point it was a struggle to sit, and Teen ended up passing out, mouth open, twisted awkwardly with her face in the seat.

Customs and immigration was a breeze, and a nice Singaporian man, Bobby Lim, picked us up and drove us to our housing. PS - I saw the bill, this place is over $5,000 a month. Wtf.

Here are some photos of our nice place! Thanks Lucas Animation!

This morning we woke up before 7am (which is around 4pm home time) which was still a little early after our 24 hours of being up the day before. We were really excited to check our the neighbourhood. Being a Sunday morning, it was pretty quiet around here at 7:30am. We are in Chinatown currently, so I'm sure it's a little different to the other areas of town. We walked up a few blocks of 'Hawkers Stalls' which are basically just little food carts, with some restaurants. We had breakfast at a cute little restaurant nearby. I had a pork bun, Teen had some little dumplings, and we had some nice little Kopi's (coffee). It was $4.20 Singapore, which is around $3.75 for both of us. We then went to a market, full of fruits and veggies, meats and other goods. We just bought a few things, 5 bananas for $1, 5 eggs for 90 cents. Singapore dollars are about $1.30 to our dollar, so we basically just consider 75% of the Singapore price is Canadian dollars. These things were pretty cheap. Milk, bread, butter etc. are more equivalent to the prices at home. Also, surprisingly, meat is pretty expensive. Produce, however, very cheap.

Well, it's 10am, I'm gonna call Rob now and hopefully meet him and Janette for lunch!

Miss you guys, hugsies and kissies!

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  1. Jeez Taylor!

    Make your bed!

    Put down the toilet lid!

    Keep your laundry out of the kitchen!

    Come back to Vancouver!

    *PS... this site is hard to read with the BG... I actually tried this one before, hard to read... real hard.