Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Settling In

Things have been getting a little more routine, well... today. I finally made it to and from work without getting even the slightest bit lost! Very impressive to me. I am still waking up early, so I got to work at 8:30 this morning before most of the animation team. I'm gearing up into my lead duties, and got a taste of it today. Meeting, meeting... dailies, quality control, meeting, 1 hour of animation time. Phew! Rob bought a little electronic light that he's gonna click on, shining at the post behind him, which indicates he's available to review work. I'll probably do something similar, because having a line-up of people sporatically through the day really hinders your workflow. I had a big rundown on the pipe and Maya tools, which actually is fairly straight forward so I should get the hang of it shortly. My biggest fear is dailies, where I have to stand in front of 15 animators (my team) and watch their work on the big screen while giving them notes. Public speaking is not my friend, guess I have to get used to it!

The day actually went by really quickly, and it's nice to break it up with different tasks. The morning meeting I had was cool, and I got to give some input into tool development which was nice. I kinda missed that about being a lead, getting a little more say into how things are run. I met all the leads on the team today as well, lighting, fx, comp etc. Overall, good day. I started on a shot as well but it took me a while with interruptions this afternoon. Still nice to get animating again!

At lunch it POURED! I mean, really came down. The stairs in the courtyard were literally a waterfall, and the entire area down there flooded. They have these trap doors in the ground which they open up to take in the water. I had some Mexican for lunch today just to mix it up, and they gave me salad! Oh how I love salad. Even though it was basically just lettuce with vinegar, it was the best salad ever. There is a dude at the food court who collects the dishes after we've used them who everyone calls the 'take take' man. He's this old Chinese guy, who basically budges into your table to take your plate. "Take, take... you eat, I take, mmmmmmmmm hahahaha!"

It was hilarious.

Anywhoo I think that's about it for today. Oh, Ed called last night at 1am. He woke me up. I barely remembered the next morning, but then received an email from him stating that it was in fact 10pm. I'm always asleep by 8:30 so I guess I was mistaken. He's gonna come visit in the next few weeks so hopefully we take take a little trip to Indonesia or something. Excited! Teen is off to Vietnam tomorrow for 10 days, so I guess I'm on my own! I've made some new buddies though, so I'm not too concerned. Three guys from Australia, and of course Rob and James. Us whities are going out Friday night to have some beers near my place.

Next update soon!

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