Monday, August 23, 2010

I Heart Sandwiches

On Sunday I went over to James and Vic's place for a little hangout. Their place is super sweet and posh (but they pay for it...). We had a nice swim in the pool for a while, which was refreshing cause it was a really hot day, and then decided to go downtown for some Thai food. We found a place that said it was Thai, but in fact didn't have pad thai. They convinced us something else on the menu was it, but they lied. At least the green curry and veggies were delicious!

We then wandered around in search for ice cream sandwiches (as if we hadn't eaten enough already). In Singapore the ice cream sandwiches are strange. There are carts around the city like hot dog stands. They basically pull a block of icecream out of the freezer (it's suuuper cold) and wrap it in a piece of strange pink and green dyed bread. You can choose from many flavors of ice cream, but it all goes in this weird bread. You then hold and eat it like any other sandwich. The ice cream was good, but I must say the bread scared me and wasn't my favorite, but it was worth a try.

Also, James, Vic and I came up with an amazing idea. "White Night" where we will get together and make white food to make us feel more at home. Certain foods here are harder to find, like beef, north american type food, greek or italian food etc. We will be making the foods that are harder to find around here to help keep us from getting too bored with this food. I'm very excited. First on the list is Lasagna with garlic bread and ceasar salad, mmmmm!

I went home and brushed up on my Star Wars, re-watching episode 2 and 3. I love Natalie Portman.

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