Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I officially booked my first holiday, yippee!! Ed, Teen and I are going to a small Indonesian Island for the September long weekend (which here is September 10th). I had to do a strange online payment, or hold, or something, since they never gave me an amount but did get my 'nets' card number. Banking is different here. I haven't got an actual credit card yet, but when you get assigned a debit card (called NETS) it says VISA on it, and has an expiry date. I was confused. Apparently you can use your card AS a credit card, yet it has no credit. Basically, it pulls the money directly from your account like debit, but you can use it for online purchases. Which is actually quite a brilliant idea. If you have money.

We will be taking a ferry from Singapore that takes about 45 minutes to the island of Bintan.

Chug-along-chug-along. Then we arrive! I booked the shadiest place I could find cause it was cheaper and stuff. Indonesian islands on a long weekend ain't a bargain. We managed to get two bedrooms, so it says.

I hope it'll be fun. James and Victoria went and had a good time. There are monkeys so it can't be all bad.

I'm going trip crazy right now! The November Brunei trip will be booked today or tomorrow, and I'm extremely stoked about this one. Probably more than anywhere else. Partly because I know nothing about Brunei, and hadn't even really heard of it before now, so it will be super exciting AND we're sleeping in tents IN A RAINFOREST! OMGZ.

For Christmas I'm planning on going to Krabi, Thailand. It has a million billion outdoor activities, climbing, hiking, scuba, kayaking, elephant bathing (this will be sweet), the full moon party and the island from "The Beach". I'm trying to book a place on Railay Beach in this place.

Awesome. Plus it has this epic guarantee:

"Refunds are provided for natural disasters. If a natural disaster occurs and your cancellation notice has expired, we will provide a refund of 75% of the booking, or reschedule your booking. Natural disasters are limited to Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, comet strikes and the end of the world."

At LEAST if the world ends, I'll get 75% of my money back, cause I'm totes gonna need it.


  1. WAAT??? The beach from THE BEACH?!?!

    I always wanted to go there... it's on my "places to go" list...

    Man... oh you suck.

  2. Say hi to the Sultan when you get to Brunei.

  3. So so jealous. You go girl... travel, travel, travel. Continue being awesome since you seem to be so good at it!

  4. We're gonna ask the Sultan if we can stay in his palace for a night. I'm sure he'll be ok with it.

  5. If I know anything about Sultan's, it's that they are always about 10 years old, and will try and marry you.

    So sayeth movies.

    Good luck.