Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apartment go good?

So I just met with my agent and signed a letter of intent for renting an apartment I just looked at. I really like it so I hope it goes through! Renting here is almost as much of a hassle as buying in Canada, minus the banking. The paperwork through the agents is pretty weird though. My agent, Sean, put up the deposit for me until I get my bank sorted out next week. Very nice!

If this link works, there are some pictures here of the building:

I don't know what that random pink building is, but it's all the other photos. Ignore the pink. For the price it costs at least it has like 3 pools, tennis court, gym, ping pong, pool table, BBQ pits etc.

For Ellery, here is where we are in relation to the world:

Also here is a photo of the Clone Wars figures when you enter the doors of work. This was the only thing in the studio we are allowed to take pictures of, but since I don't have the cord to my camera, I just found one online with this random guy who I don't know. Replace him with me, and that was my intention for this photo!


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