Thursday, July 8, 2010

The times they are a changin'

Well here I am again, weeks without a blog post. I'm ever so sorry loyal hordes of followers. To start with the excuse train, I've been pretty distracted the last month or so with potential life changes on the horizon. Yes, you guessed it. I'm becoming a boy.

PSYCH! (Buffy said that to Faith once in a mastermind scheme)

Although I cannot release an official disclosure of information at this point, I am hoping to start a great adventure later this year! My pining for changing things up and 'really living' may actually come to fruition and not just be additions to a list taped on my refrigerator.

In other news: Dog sitting.

Teen and I have been dog sitting two Shelties which look marginally like this:

Only with less jumping and more drooling. What I have discovered during this week and a half is that Teen is not the pet tolerant mothering-type I so envisioned. This led us to a discussion of further post-poning my baby Kobie until we are more suitable parents. I would like to re-assess the situation, and give an approximate adoption date for perhaps a year or two down the road. I will want to travel the world, after all.

Recently, Teen and I had a magical adventure in Mormon-wonderland. I'm sure her intensive description of it will be enough for the both of us here.

I will leave off with this entirely irrelevant picture for you to enjoy.

Jenn :)

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