Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I went up to the Whistler Bike Park this weekend for the first time of the year! It was the last weekend for snowboading as well, so Teen came up and boarded and I biked. It was pouring down on our way up and I was a little unsure how it was gonna go. I also noticed as I loaded up that I had broken my derailer cable, it was frayed almost entirely off. I must've hit it into some branches or a rock earlier and not noticed. It ended up being a fairly simple fix that I got done up there before the ride, phew!

We had 8 of us biking, so it was a fun crew. I got to ride my favorite trail 'Crank it Up' about 5 or 6 times. It's a very flowey, jump track very similar to a motocross track. Probably why I love it so much. Yay getting air! I missed that riding the local hills, which don't have the big jumps that Whistler has. I mixed it up with a couple runs on the tight technical trails, but since it was wet a lot of the wooden platforms, rocks and roots were extremely slippery. Despite the slidey, muddy conditions, I managed to stay upright through the day. Two of our buddies didn't have so much luck. One girl flipped over down a jump and semi-dislocated her shoulder, putting her out earlier in the day. Denny also overshot a drop, fell off, slid off the trail and hit a tree, compressing his ankle. He spent a couple hours in the Whistler medical center getting x-rays and bandaged up.

I managed to ride the whole day out until the lifts stopped, and had a wicked time. My hands were fairly cramped at the end after a day of death-grip to hold on, but didn't give out like they had the year before when I first started. My friend Vicki and I also had a close encounter with three bears. We were riding down a technical trail, when she suddenly stopped and started pushing the bike back up the trail. I did the same, as she mentioned there were 3 bears right ahead of us. We pushed up a minute or so and looked back down. Two bears were play fighting while another stood a few feet from them, right on the edge of the trail. We didn't quite know what to do, and about 5 other bikers had gathered by us.

Finally one guy just blasted through and the bears got startled and moved a little off to the side. We figured we might as well just go, so we zipped by as far as we could get from them, but safely made it past. Phew! It's a dangerous world up there! Looking forward to the next weekend up :)

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