Monday, May 10, 2010

Life of Pie

Every few months I like to take a look at my life. How happy am I in each area? Is my life balanced? What do I need to work on most? I think of this as my pie chart of life. I usually come back to this reflection time when I feel out of balance (sadly this happens quite often).

I'm a huge list maker. I've been known to set way too many goals and then get overwhelmed by them all, which results in getting less done. Lately I've been trying to slow down and focus on the most important things first, so to help me figure that out I need to see where my life needs the most attention.

I recently found this 'life report card' on a blog and found it a helpful way to examine my life. Sometimes it will help you see things you need to work on that you may not have realized. It divides each area into sections, each taking up 10% of your total (personally I weighted some of these differently, but for simplicity this was the base):

Learning/Personal Development – 10%
Vocation/Career/Contribution – 10%
Romance – 10%
Social/Community – 10%
Home – 10%
Spiritual – 10%
Finances – 10%
Fitness/Health – 10%
Travel/Adventure/Fun – 10%
Possessions – 10%

The following questions will help you 'grade' each area of your life! Certain sections that are out of 10 don't have 10 questions, so just divide it by the questions amount to find your percentage. My total was 68/100. From there I can move forward and create my goals (I'll discuss this more another day).


Do you have a budget or a spending plan? (0-10)
How good are you at sticking to it? (0-10)
Do you have an emergency fund in case of the unexpected? (0-10)
Are you free of credit card debt? (0-10)
How much is your current income? (0-10)
How much are your current expenses? (0-10)
Are you investing part of your income into income generating assets? (0-10)
Are you saving for retirement? (0-10)
Do you have adequate insurance? (0-10)
What’s your net worth? (0-10)

Score - /10

Learning/Personal Development

Have you set short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals? If so, are you taking steps in order to achieve your goals? (0-10)
Do you treat yourself well? (0-10)
What’s your overall happiness level? (0-10)
Do you have a positive attitude? (0-10)
Do you venture outside of your comfort zone? (0-10)
Are you taking steps to improve skills that are important to you? (0-10)
Do you have high levels of confidence and self-esteem? (0-10)
Do you release negative feelings and emotions? (0-10)
How long does it take you to bounce back after a disappointment? (0-10)

Score - /10


Are you doing work you love? Are you passionate about your work? (0-10)
Do you feel like you’re making a contribution, or are you just working for a paycheck? (0-10)
Do you get along with your colleagues and supervisors? (0-10)
Do you have a long-term career plan? (0-10)
Are you working toward leaving a legacy? (0-10)
Are you expressing your creativity at work? (0-10)
How productive are you? (0-10)
Do you feel adequately compensated for your work? (0-10)
Do you like your work environment? (0-10)
Do you experience the state of flow when you’re working? (0-10)

Score - /10


Are you involved in an intimate relationship? (0-10)
Do you let your partner know what you want? (0-10)
Do you listen to your partner? Do you feel listened to? (0-10)
Are you good at resolving conflicts with your partner? (0-10)
Do you spend quality time with your partner? (0-10)
Do you respect each other? (0-10)
Are you both evolving separately and as a couple? (0-10)

Score - /10


Do you have a few, close friends you know you can always count on? (0-10)
Do you make time for your friends? (0-10)
Are you surrounded by positive, life affirming people, or by toxic energy-suckers? (0-10)
Do you make time or money donations to a cause you believe in? (0-10)
Are you involved in your community? Are you helping to make your community a better place to live? (0-10)

Score - /10


How would you rate your home environment? (0-10)
Do you have routines to keep your home neat and organized? (0-10)
Do you own or rent? Do you have a mortgage? (0-10)
Do you make necessary repairs around your home? (0-10)
Do you need to de-clutter? (0-10)
Score - /10


Do you feel connected to something larger than yourself? (0-10)
How good are you at forgiving? (0-10)
Do you engage in some sort of spiritual practice, whether it’s prayer, meditation, or attending religious services? (0-10)
Do you feel that there’s more love in your life than negative emotions? (0-10)
Do you feel inner peace? (0-10)
Do you feel that life has a purpose? (0-10)
Are you mindful? Do you live in “the now”? (0-10)
Are you generating positive karma? (0-10)
Do you practice compassion toward others? (0-10)
Do you feel a general sense of kinship with those around you? (0-10)

Score - /10


Do you get regular physical/dental check-ups? Do you have any current health concerns? (0-10)
Do you get enough cardio exercise? (0-10)
Do you lift weights? (0-10)
Do you eat nutritiously? (0-10)
Do you get enough sleep? (0-10)
Is your weight “normal” for your sex and age group? How about your percentage of body fat? (0-10)
Do you enjoy your fitness routine? (0-10)
Do you have ways to reduce stress? (0-10)
How is your overall energy level? (0-10)
Do you smoke or drink too much alcohol? (0-10)

Score - /10


Do you have any hobbies? Do you practice your hobbies? (0-10)
Have you done anything “adventurous” lately (bungee jumping, taking up a new sport, tried a new cuisine)? (0-10)
Have you taken a vacation to a place you’ve never been to before this year? (0-10)
Do you spend enough time on leisure activities? (0-10)
Have you been on any creative excursions lately? (0-10)

Score - /10


Do you take proper care of you possessions? Are your clothes/shoes clean and ready to be worn? (0-10)
Are you satisfied with what you have? (0-10)
Score - /10

Total Score /100

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