Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Insanity Downfalls

So this morning I came in to work, and Mel (a work friend who is doing Insanity with Bus Pass and I) had dropped out due to a calf injury she got in the workout. Bus Pass also is on the fence, since her brother (a personal trainer) thought she wasn't eating enough for the amount of cardio we're doing, without enough strength training, and she was losing even more muscle mass. I had noticed when I was biking that I had a lot more endurance than before, but my lower back was a bit sore. I think it's from some of the exercises where you have to go into a plank position like a pushup, and jump your feet up to your chest and back out again. Sometimes when I do this, especially at the end when I'm tired, jumping back out to plank hurts my back. It isn't severe, but I was noticing it and wondering if it might not be a good idea.

I set up a combination workout from a couple insanity videos, a couple P90's mixed in with running/biking and climbing. I think that will be a better overall workout for the longer term. I do think Insanity is good for a short period to really work on cardio/endurance but it is pretty extreme and maybe hard on the body in certain areas. I'm gonna finish off my final three weeks, but maybe make some adjustments on the jumping plank one so I don't hurt myself. I'm looking forward to this being done and getting to do some strength training though, too much cardio can get kinda boring.

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