Sunday, May 16, 2010

Climbing and Workout Results

Yesterday Pony, Teen and I went climbing at the Main St. gym. We had a fun filled time, with very few other climbers taking up the ropes. I climbed my personal best, a 5.10c. When I attempted a 5.10d, I failed miserably. Hard-style.

Teen did very well on her first time out in many years! Here are a few pictures of Pony climbing a crack (heh) and me belaying.

In other news, I measured myself after 5 weeks of Insanity. To be honest, I have had quite a few cheat days, and replaced some workouts with climbing, running or biking, but nonetheless, I got results!

Waist has gone down from 30 to 27.25
Hips have gone down from 37.5 to 35.25

Those were the only two with higher results, a little off legs and arms. It gives me a bit more motivation to do the last 4 weeks!

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