Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art Gallery vs. Science World

Daily blog post is proving difficult... sorry for the delay. Now for another exciting installment!

Saturday was learning day. Teen and I played 'tourist' and went to the art gallery and Science World! I must say, the art gallery can be extremely boring. There were only 2 floors open, the first one occupied by one artist who made short films, and some of her storyboards and sketches related to the films. The drawings were hardly anything I couldn't do, and the films were far from entertaining. Ayden gallery far surpasses the interesting/talented artists as far as I'm concerned. It was good to check it out, but overall I wouldn't go again unless an exhibit that interested me was coming to town.

Science World on the other hand, was awesome. Just the usual things that are always there, with an additional 'Treasure' area, but it's fun to do the puzzles downstairs and the games/experiments upstairs. Teen and I measured our ability to relax with a mind game where we each placed a band around our heads, and a small ping-pong like ball on a path was placed between us. The one who could think less, relax more, would push the ball towards the other. Not surprisingly I lost in about 4 seconds. My brainwaves don't like to chill, apparently.

So as for fun Vancouver tourist-y things go, Science World wins out by a landslide.

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