Thursday, May 6, 2010

Accomplishing goals? Let's see shall we...

Last year, in January 2009, I posted about what I learned the previous year and what my goals are for this year. To re-hash old news, these were my 2009 goals:

Goals for the year:

1. Grow the fuck up! Steps I've taken so far include finally contributing to RRSP's, talking to a mortgage broker on Tuesday (yipes!), attempting to pay off my debt and filling out those adoption papers *kidding* (Clearly I attribute maturity to being financially responsible... boooring).
2. Take more risks (calculated of course, I'm not gonna go make out with people covered in herpes.)
3. Play an open mic.
4. Buy a condo.
5. Travel somewhere I haven't been (outside of BC).
6. USE the gym membership I just purchased.
7. Try yoga.
8. Be Robin Sparkles.
9. Get wicked at snowboarding (or, less not wicked).
10. Write the sweetest 'best man' speech ever! *Holy pressure! I better get over my stage fright, thank you tequila*

How much of this did I achieve? Broken down point by point.

1. I actually did all of this. I am debt free (minus my mortgage), have RRSP's and investment savings.
2. Did I take more risks... not sure. I took some financial risks, and did some things that scared me (but most things scare me). I give this one an undefined response.
3. I did *not* do this. In fact, I've hardly played at all lately. This is something I will work and taking up again once school is done.
4. I did buy a condo!
5. I traveled somewhere new, Cuba!
6. Let's not talk about this one...
7. Tried and disliked yoga. I gave it about 4 chances. Sorry yoga.
8. If this was referring to the 'Let's Go to the Mall' video, then yes, I was.
9. I got slightly better at snowboarding, but definitely not wicked. Since 'less not wicked' was also there, then yes I achieved my goal. (Less not wicked, wtf).
10. I wrote quite a good speech, and managed to say it in a semi-sober voice despite how wasted I was. Goal achieved.

Overall I got 7.5/10, not too shabby!

I suppose I should make some goals for this year. I already have my list on my fridge, but to break it down into a shorter more manageable list, here we go.

1. Continue doing Animation Mentor and keep in contact with my mentors.
2. Hike Garibaldi
3. Try outdoor rock climbing - scary!
4. Learn to paint! Our club will certainly help this.
5. Go to Japan and China.
6. Don't buy anything I don't need, unless it's travel related.
7. Work on getting my OCD under control.
8. Spend New Years with my friends this year :)

2010 Daily Challenges
9. Write in my blog every day (except when I'm traveling and can't get to a computer)
10. Put $1 a day into my change jar.
11. Write down 1 thing I'm thankful for each day.
12. Learn a new word every day.

So to start of my Daily Challenge:

New word: Perpend - It means to ponder.

I am grateful that I live in a Country where I don't have to fear for bombs hitting us on a regular basis. (A new guy at work is from Israel and explained the regular attacks from snipers and missiles).

Blogger, out.

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