Thursday, December 23, 2010

Awesome Biking

Teen posted this to me on facebook a while ago, but I thought I'd share it here. This guy is an awesome trials biker, in a really cool short with cute music. I gotta get one of these bikes, AWESOME! Dad if you're reading, I think you'd like this:

Pre-Krabi Plan

It's Christmas Eve! I'm at work! Most of my animators are mingling and I'm worrying about taxes. Ok enough of that. Off to Krabi tomorrow, our flight is just before noon so we should be in our hotel relaxin' by 2pm.

Ideally I will do the following:

Rock Climb like this chick.

Ride elephants into a river and beyond.

Take a Thai cooking class!

Eat a lot of pad thai, and whatever that coconut thing behind is... that looks allllright.

Hike through jungles like this one.

Dive and/or snorkel with Teen's new underwater camera, woo hoo!

Kayak under caves. I love caves.

So that might be a little ambitious, or maybe not. At least there are a lot of options. Yippee! Getting out of the city for 8 days will be awesome. Hope you all have a great holiday!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Workout Pain

I started working out again for the first time in 4 months. I can't take a break like that again. I decided to mix up Insanity and P90X to form Pinsanity X, a grueling 5 day a week beat down. I've decided to be realistic and not make it 6 or 7 days, because I just won't do it. I took my favorite exercises from the two programs to make my own. So far I've done 2 days, and my body is killing me! It hurts to lift my arms, it hurts to lift my legs. I might have to make today my break day. I've decided I want a new 'style' and to wear this style of clothes, I need to be skinnier. So the quest begins.

In other news, I have a boyfriend. That might be a stretch. A boy who works near my building has decided he enjoys my company. He likes to follow me to work. Also, he occasionally runs after me and asks me to go on a date. I politely decline. Today he tried to find out where I live, so I lied about it. I stretched this lie to include telling him I have a big strong boyfriend already. "He's a vampire,: I said. "So don't be comin' round these parts at night." He doesn't seem to get the hint, maybe the vampire thing came off as a joke. I'm going to change my route to work in hopes of avoiding him in the future, or possible set him up with a she-pire to fill his lonely nights.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Singapore Night Out

I just experienced a nerdy animator's dream last night - I went out and had drinks with Shawn Kelly. If anyone doesn't know who that is... he is a senior animator at ILM California, and a co-founder of Animation Mentor.

Left to right; Shawn, Carlos and Bobby, Animation Mentor founders.

So Shawn was doing a talk in Malaysia, and decided to pop over to Singapore and visit ILM while he's here. I noticed hoards of animators follow him downstairs after work, where we usually have a few beers on Friday. They surrounded him and took turns taking pictures. I played it cool and sat to the side. He's friends with some of my work buddies (Ullas - the lead animator I took over for and Cedric - ILM animation lead). After the hype died down, Ullas, Cedric, Shawn and I (along with Neil and Paul and a couple others) decided to head downtown to Blue Jaz for some dinner and a few drinks. I normally never go out, but hey... ya don't get to meet Shawn Kelly every day. He introduced himself and we chatted about Clone Wars (he trained the original crew (Ullas) 5 years ago here), Animation Mentor and random other stuff. He was super friendly and cool. I don't have a photo of us, see above mentioned 'playing it cool', but overall it was a super fun night. I got home after 1 and then was woken up at 8:30 for some men to fix a leak in the ceiling. I'm pretty sure these fumes are making me high as I sit here typing. Hopefully they finish up soon.

In other news, 5 more days until Christmas Holiday YAAAAAAAAAY! I can't say how excited I am for a break right now. Work = super stressful. I love it... but yes, stress. Teen took off to Malaysia for the week, so she'll be back Thursday and then we fly out again Saturday.

Also, I just got linked by Shane to this iPhone app which looks pretty sweet. Once they work out a few kinks and add more languages, and I get an iPhone again... I reckon I'll get it!

Well, I've got the weekend to myself. Time to fill it with updating my demo reel and starting my solid workout routine... for a week until holiday. I bought some weights, finally, the other night. Wow are they overpriced here. I'm used to the Canadian Tire $1/pound. Here, no such luck. A pair of 10lbs. was $60! Wtf? I managed, with the help of Janette and Teen, to find some at $30 for the pair, still overpriced but I guess the best I'll find. Late nights, overtime dinners, and no exercise are starting to get to me. Also the fumes, don't forget the fumes.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Comic Con (and other stuff)

Phew, been a while again. Brief update on the past couple of weeks:

1. I turned 27. I had no party and would like never to speak of this again. I will commence birthday parties next year, when I refill my shoes in the birthday trifecta, which takes attention off me, and Jay is always way older anyway ;) Thanks Ellery for filling in this year, you looked great in that wig.

2. I'm ALMOST done this term at school. Today my last assignment is due, then I have three weeks off for Christmas. Thank GOD. I barely made it through this term. Way too much to do at work. I hope to balance things better next term (acting) so I can get something out of it.

3. I had a leadership retreat day at work. I learned about my personality type (and color). Basically it boils down to this:

Red - Confident, sometimes controlling, driven
Blue - Organized, scheduled, likes meeting deadlines
Yellow - Outgoing, people oriented, fun
Green - Emotionally driven, caring, understanding

Basically that was the order I ended up with haha. I was a similar level of blue, red and yellow, and had very little green. That doesn't surprise me. Emotional people irritate me.

4. I lied about number 1. I was bombarded with a surprise party last night. I went to Rob and Janette's to meet them and Teen after staying at work until 8:30 on a Friday night (how red/blue of me) and decided to yellow it up for a bit before bed. I showed up to a pile of balloons, signs, and a required birthday hat for me to enter. I put it on. Then we ate pizza, drank some wine (and eggnog, for those weirdos... not together), played wii fit and had a good ol' time.


How nerdy. Lucasfilm had a presentation on Clone Wars, of which Rob (my fellow animation lead) and Josh (assets lead) were speaking. I thankfully was not required to talk, but got a front row seat to the show, along with Teen and Janette. I must say it made me very excited and proud to work on. PHOTOS!

Hanging out before the talk. The head of the studio, left, Rob, Josh, and Lee (CG supervisor) on the right.

Rob, clearly excited to present as Josh was speaking, and Meiting, one of our recruiters.

Josh explaining about scale and how they develop assets for the show.

Rob's turn to talk!

Vader and a storm trooper showed up. Lee had to get a hand in there...

A still from one of the animation segments they showed. Grievous and Ventress!

A shot of the crowd.

Teen wanted to discuss the rest of the convention, as I went back to work shortly after the talk. That about sums up the last two weeks folks!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Teen and I went out today to find a bookstore that carried more than a few top sellers mixed in with school textbooks. We found one! We took the MRT about 40 minutes to Orchard, which is a fancier area of town where all the high end shops are. I was on the search for this book of knowledge, and Teen wanted some comics.

Before the big browse, we decided to check out this brunch place we'd heard many good things about, Wild Honey. Though we waited a good hour and a half (at least there were some interesting shops in the mall to browse) it was well worth the wait. There are breakfast options broken into countries, which was very interesting, and many of them looked amazing, though as I have been in eggs benny withdrawl for closing in on four months, what option did I have but to choose the European breakfast. A benny with mushrooms, prosciutto, and delicious hollandaise served on brioche. I can safely say this was one of the best bennies I've ever had, delicious!

We headed to the bookstore and I ended up with two sweet books (running me $90 as the prices here are close to double what they should be).

National Geographic's "The Knowledge Book"

I'm very excited about this one. It is broken into categories on astronomy, geology, history, biology, the arts etc. It's filled with photos and a ton of useful information that isn't super dry or difficult to read. WIN!

Lonely Planet's Traveler's Guide to "Planet Earth".

This one I just came across while browsing. Lonely Planet's guide to the BBC's "Planet Earth" series, from a traveler's perspective. It has some amazing destinations around the world in the different Planet Earth categories such as Caves, Deserts and Mountains.

Yay excited!

PS - Saw Scott Pilgrim last night FINALLY! I actually thought it was pretty cool. Some things were left out, as with all book to movies, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas in Singapore

This feels weird. Singaporeans are obsessed with Christmas. Decorations are up in all the stores, banners hanging in the hawkers stalls. It's hot, sunny, non-November feeling pre-Christmas. Though I'm not the biggest supporter of 'Christmas', I miss the feeling that time of year brings. 60 days of rain, leaves piling up, wet soppy puddles, jeans soaked to the knee... or... er, well the other things. Cookies and get togethers and nom nom dinners. Also it's secretly cute when other people like Christmas, even though I'm not into that kinda thing. Not sure if we will be doing much Christmas-y celebrations here, I barely noticed it's my birthday in two weeks. We are in massive crunch at work and the weeks are flying by. Good and bad I suppose.

Speaking of birthdays... 27! When the hell did that happen! Why life, why must you whiz by so hastily? I probably do it to myself. Too much work makes years go bye bye. Maybe it's time I revert back to my old idea of tying a handkerchief to a stick and putting something in that handkerchief, and walking around with it, looking at stuff and stuff. Balance is the consistent goal that I struggle to attain, and struggle even harder to keep if by some miracle I'm in it for a brief moment. Before I realize it, I'm working so hard at being balanced that the scales have tipped again. Maybe I should go to Tibet and hang out with the Buddhists for a while. How did they get so wise, so accepting, forgiving and peaceful? Maybe it's the altitude.

If I don't find my balance, if my 20's continue to fly by as fast as the rest of them, well hey, 30 can't be so bad.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


New photo post on do the world. Check it out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trips Ahoy

What a cheesy title, who chose that? With Brunei coming up on Saturday, we of course decided to plot out some more trips to take on our Asian Adventure. With quite a few holidays per year, and my 6 remaining holiday days, we have come up with a sweet, yet tentative list.

November 2010 - Brunei

December 2010 - Krabi, Thailand

January 2011 - Koh Chang, Thailand (when my Dad and Jennifer come to visit)

February 2011 - Sri Lanka

April 2011 - Bali, Indonesia (when my sisters come to visit)

May 2011 - Hong Kong

We have 1 more holiday after wards which we haven't decided upon. Possibly back to Cambodia since I haven't checked it out yet. We are also planning a 2 month trip up through China and Japan before we come home. YAY TRAVELING!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Teen and I have been watching this awesome new show from Jamie Oliver - Food Escapes. He travels around (mostly Europe) and learns about local cooking techniques, demonstrates a few of his own twists on their recipes, and shows a bit of the local culture. It's also shot very nicely which adds to it's appeal. There are some really cool shows here that I don't think we get back home, this being one of them.

Anyhow, when he traveled to Venice he cooked some amazing risottos and we had to try. I have never made risotto, nor had Teen, and we've heard from all the cooking shows that it's easy to mess up so I was a little nervous about how we'd do. We managed to pull it off (well Teen did most of the tending to it while I cooked the chicken and the toppings). The main thing about risotto is that it requires a lot of attention, almost constant stirring and adding stock every minute for about 17 minutes. It turned out great, we added it to the tomato and basil I cooked, then added the rest to the artichokes. Two delicious risottos and some chicken, yum yum!

We didn't take pictures because we were starving and scarfed it all down. I recommend!

Rainforest Photos

For those of you not on facebook, here are the photos from the rainforest hike.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Years

Last Saturday marked the two year anniversary for Teen and I! Who would've thought we'd be spending it trudging through a rain forest in Singapore. But we did. And it was amazing.

In the Northern Central area of Singapore is a rainforest. As with most places in Singapore it's clean, well maintained and pretty safe. It is part of a reservoir/water conservation plan to restore and improve waterways for Singaporeans and it's various species. We started off at a very nice 'stretching zone', a covered wooden courtyard filled with yogis, drink stands, bathrooms and information about the area.

We bought some well needed water and headed out for the 11km hike, which was estimated to take 4-5 hours. At first we were passing through a man-made lake, which was pretty cool because a ton of kayakers and long boat paddlers were practicing through the center of it. We walked around the side of the lake and entered the rain forest.

Though the hike wasn't especially hard (absolutely no comparison to the Chief or the Grind, this was mild incline/decline only). At the start of the trail head, we were suddenly approached by a monkey, who was quite curious of Teen's pop. Moments later about 5 others emerged. I'm not gonna lie, I was worried. The big one came close to Teen and followed her as she threw away the pop, after which it settled down. I took some video and photos which I'll add in soon (I'm at work, because I can't seem to find any time to post and decided to just do it now).

There was an adorable baby that sat directly in front of a woman, staring up at her. This was amazing, I'd never been so close to wild monkeys before. The other hikers told us they were safe, but not to feed them. We continued on. At first we heard a lot of thunder and considered heading back, but it blew over and the day remained comfortably overcast. At first trail runners were passing us frequently, making us feel very out of shape, but once we got further in they decreased in numbers and we were, for the most part, alone.

We saw a flying squirrel jump out of a tree and glide towards us. Later we reached a suspension bridge on the canopy level of the forest and got to see out with an amazing view. Much of the hike turned into wooden boardwalks and up/down stairs as we continued to see wildlife. A large monitor lizard was devouring a dead monkey. We aren't sure if he killed the monkey or not, but I like to think he did. I almost stepped on a snake of unknown variety. Teen insists it didn't bite me, and since I'm still around days later, she is probably right. We also saw a family of turtles swimming by the lake shore nearing the end of our journey, as well as another adorable family of monkeys, with EXTRA babies this time. We were both quite tired after the 3.5 hours that it ended up taking us, but it was an awesome experience. If anyone tries to tell you there's nothing to do in Singapore, by golly, they'd be wrong.

11 weeks down, 45 to go! Maybe I shouldn't count so often, it'll feel like longer...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Phew, another long week goes by. Fridays arrive more quickly each week, and I'm always looking forward to them! I had to work late/do schoolwork almost every night this week, so I was very happy to leave work on time and go check out more of Singapore.

We went downtown with Rob, Janette and Janette's mom (who likes to prod and tease me in typical Aussie fashion, calling me 'hungry Jenn' because apparently I'm always eating... but I can tell she really likes me, especially when I ousted her of a cheers session because she didn't have the green beer we all had). All in good fun!

We went downtown to check out iLight, a light show in the harbour. It ended up not being especially amazing light show wise, but was a beautiful night and the city looked awesome. We had a nice meal before heading out to the show in a yaletown-esque part of town, filled with a ton of expats, it actually felt like home.

This photo by Teen.

I've started a new game I like to call kick the cockroach. Teen is very fearful of them, so yesterday on the train platform when she screamed and hopped away from one, I kicked it swiftly onto the tracks, much to my satisfaction.

Later in the evening, while on the pier, Rob noticed a cockroach down the platform. I ran at it full speed, kicking mightily, and the cockroach flew astray and landed on a man's foot, quickly speeding up his leg. While everyone else watched with their jaws dropped, I proceeded to turn and run away as fast as possible.

This game is getting better every day.

So it was all in all a successful Friday night! Today Teen is off for her working interview as an event planner, GOOD LUCK TEEN! I will be doing some homework for a few hours before meeting up with Bradley for an ice-skating break at the arena a few MRT stops away. I have been told the ice is terrible, bumpy, and has a layer of water on it. I really hope I don't fall down.

The pier where I kicked the cockroach.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best Video Ever

This rivals the cuteness of the sloth sanctuary. Thanks, Durka, for showing me this video. I introduce, the slow loris:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Palau Ubin

For your viewing pleasure:

*The video quality was better, then I tried to make it small enough to fit on vimeo and this happened... I'm terrible at video conversion.

Palau Ubin - Singapore from teen chan on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Return of the Blogi

I'm back! Sorry for my hiatus, I was very busy the past couple weeks due to SCHOOL starting back up. Sigh. Sometimes I don't know why I do this to myself. I love school, and I love work, but work + school = less free time for other fun times. I will really try to be more diligent, even if it's a short post.

This weekend, however, I got my schoolwork done on Saturday so I had last night and today to play! This weekend has been quite full, in fact. On Friday, we went downstairs to the local pub after work for a few beers with the crew. Teen joined, as per usual. Janette's mom has been in town the last week, so Rob, Teen and I went and joined them for some infamous Singapore Chili Crab.

We went to a local seafood establishment to chow down, for a more expensive dinner than I had expected. We ended up paying about $45 each but at least we had some delicious chili crab AND black pepper crab.

We then wandered around and found the wake board park, which is open at night as well. It's basically a large man-made lake with a pulley system attached to ropes which you hang on to and they drag you around. There are some sweet jumps on it as well; watch out for future entries of me bailing hard at the wake board park.

After I finished my school yesterday, we met up with Rob, Janette and mom yet again! This time for some delicious Laksa, chocolate cupcake deliciousness, and to top it all off, a viewing of Eat Pray Love (which only just now opened in Singapore). I did enjoy the movie, but not as much as the book as is usually the case. I probably enjoyed it slightly less than the chocolate... but it was gooood chocolate.

I intended on having a bunch of photos to go along with this, but as usual technology has thwarted my plans. I decided to shoot on my photos raw this weekend, and then of course we didn't have a codec we needed for photoshop to open the files. Then Teen's computer decided that it has extreme protection and wouldn't let us download winrar which we needed to download the codec. The end result is that I'm now downloading photoshop on my computer, but it isn't done yet.

The GOOD news; I edited a very dramatic cut of our trip to Palau Ubin, a nearby island we went bike riding on today, which will be available for your viewing pleasure shortly!

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, hope you had a turkey-blast with a side of ladled goodness.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Missing Home

I'm really missing Vancouver today for some reason. It's been another long week. I have a shot that is taking way longer than I expected so it's been calling for some late nights and weekend workdays. Teen took off for Cambodia at 3:30am today; we got very little sleep.

Yesterday Teen and I went on an excursion through Singapore to visit Little India. We decided to take the opportunity while we're here to check out everything Singapore has to offer; which is surprisingly more than I thought. It's kind of known for 'shopping and eating' and that's about it. There is a rain forest park in the center of the country (about a 1/2 hour MRT ride) that you can go on hikes up to 5 hours. Many interesting locations around to experience both in terms of nature and culture, so over the months we will be checking them out, recording them with my new Canon T2i, and posting videos on "Do the World". I started editing "Little India" today :)

Last night we met up with Rob, Janette, James and Vic and went for a little night adventure of our own. We went to Aljunied, the hooker MRT stop, not to check them out but to try an interesting dish of frogs legs. We arrived at the restaurant, passing crates full of live frogs, where they seated us at stained patio furniture in an alley occupied by a rabid cat. Rabies is my new 'obsession' since I pet a stray kitten the other day and have been concerned about the consequences ever since.

Rob and Janette ordered a pot of chilli frog legs, and we all sampled them. They were a cross between fish and chicken, the taste of chicken but with a more delicate texture. They were nothing to write home about, and I wanted to save my appetite for the Thai food that we were heading to for our full meal. A few pad thai's later, we headed out for some beers, squashing a few lounging cockroaches on the way.

We ended the night at James and Vic's, where I was poaching a copy of Maya, watching Departures on their new projector, aimed at the wall. Oh what a night.

We caught the extended MRT train home (due to F1 weekend) by around 1:30 where Teen proceeded to pack for her 6am flight. Neither of us managed to get much sleep before she got up at 3am to head out in search of a taxi. I got about 4 or 5 hours before I got up and headed to work for a long and fairly stressful day. I'm now indulging in two 750ml beers, watching old Departures episodes and thinking of home.

It's funny that just the other day I was thinking how interesting it is that you can travel half way around the world, plop yourself down and try to make a little life, and amazingly, despite all the differences, you just carry on. You hang out with friends, go to work, grab some beers and life isn't all that different. Then other days, I'll see pictures from home and just wish I could be there, watching the seasons change with you all, chatting on the couch til midnight. A year goes by fast, and a year goes by slowly... it all depends on the day.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tennis Team

I have been recruited onto the LucasFilm tennis team, YEEHAW! Well, in actuality this was our first outing. We went to one of the girls' place closeby and had a super time, but it was very hot even after the sun went down. I hadn't played tennis in a few years, and I haven't played competitively since highschool, but I wasn't as rusty as I expected. I'm looking forward to continuing with Monday Night Tennis!

Last night was the second installment of White Night! We had a nummy shrimp dip, cheese plate, KD, Green Curry and a loooot of cookies. Below are some photos. The last one, where I look terrible, I had to post because I think my face looks like a cookie. Cookie face from eating 5 cookies.

Also this week I bought a laptop. I was planning on getting a Mac but in the end it lost and PC won. $2700 vs $999. Apple, get with the program duuude.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love Your Ride

The last week or so I noticed that when trains arrived at the MRT stops, a song would come on that reminded me of a SUPER old school Micky Mouse cartoon or something "The train is coming, the train is coming, the train is comiiiiiing!"

I found out later it was part of a Singaporean MRT announcement encouraging people to be polite on transit (which they very much aren't). Check this number out: Love Your Ride by the Dim Sum Dolly's.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Muffin Man

What's better way to spend a lazy Sunday than having a fresh-baked durian muffin with a side of barley drink?

Let me tell you... anything.

There is a muffin man in the local mall, which I'd picked up a couple delicious banana and blueberry muffins from earlier this week. Today, while browsing the mall again, I decided to take him up on his deal of buy 5 get 1 free. An assortment of lovely choices... and a durian muffin for my freebie, just because I had to.

For those of you who don't know, the durian is an offensive fruit, which is both loved and feared openly in Asia.

Singaporeans even built a building in it's honour, right in the main harbour area!

Signs like these frequent the city.

The fruit's pungent odor can be detected from close to a block away, hence the city wide warnings. The smell itself isn't too offensive, until you've tasted the fruit. The smell is then a reminder of the feeling that ensues after consumption, similar to smelling orange juice after a long night of screw drivers.

We picked up the half dozen and headed back home for a snack. I decided to wash it down with this strange barley drink I'd noticed a week or so ago.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I just don't have that much time, so have a look below to experience along with us.

Enough said.

To finish on a high note, this adorable puppy we saw in the pet store.