Thursday, July 9, 2009


That's where I currently am. What a long drive to get here, uggh. I left around 8am yesterday, and didn't arrive until 7pm. Longer than a flight to England! I can usually make this drive in around 9 hours, but I came across some obstacles. One included an hour wait just before Prince George because some huge camper seemed to have found its way into the ditch. They blocked off both lanes of traffic, and once we FINALLY moved through the RV didn't even seem to have much damage. There was a massive thunderstorm as I was waiting, which I failed to capture on camera because apparently lightning is faster than I am... it was cool none the less. On one part of the drive, there was a passing lane and I was determined to pass a large logging truck, but it was POURING down so hard that I could barely see, and as I got to the front of the truck, the spray off of it covered my windshield so bad I was blind. I was freaked out cause another logging truck was coming at me and I couldn't tell if I was in my lane. I finally passed it and breathed a sigh of relief. *Sigh* I'll do another one now. Head on collisions suck.

At one point, a huge bald eagle flew out of the forest right in front of my car, and had to swoop up to avoid being hit. It was the closest I've ever been to one. Pretty. I'm glad I didn't kill it. I think that's illegal or something.

THEN when I was close to reaching my destination, which is a small dirt road off the main highway, I had just passed another large transport truck. These guys are notorious around here for being 'bullies' on the road, and not slowing down when vehicles slow to turn off the highway. So naturally, after my long day and near-death encounter, I was nervous being in front of this bully right before I had to turn off the highway. I passed it, and looked in the rear view, to find that the driver (or someone) had painted huge bloody fangs on the grill of the truck. So now I'm coming to my turn off, watching this huge toothed monster on my tail. Needless to say I went about 40 over the speed limit to give myself enough distance from him, and I turned off safely and he roared by. *Another sigh*.

But now I'm here. And it's pretty. And I got two mosquito bites. And this morning a spider was stringing itself down from the ceiling above my head. I've killed a few bugs... and more to come.

I just took a boot around the property (some 80 odd acres) on the ol' dirtbike. It was pretty fun, I hadn't ridden in a while. I'm hoping the rain will stay away because we're heading out on a three day camping/rafting trip this evening at some point. My Uncle has led canoe and rafting trips all over the world, scouted some 'uncharted' rivers for National Geographic, and was on the Canadian World Canoe team for white water canoeing. I feel safe with him as our guide haha. So it should be a fun weekend! I think I'll be heading home on Tuesday, and I'll upload some pictures.

Ta ta!

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  1. Better be back by Wednesday for Buffy/Angel night... OR ELSE!.... yeah.