Monday, July 6, 2009

New Summer Plans

So... apparently I didn't go to Europe. That frees up a bit of time so I'm trying to re-plan my summer off. At least I can collect EI now! Friday (around the time when I was supposed to take off) I found a last minute ticket to Tegan and Sara, and drove down to Seattle for their show. They played at 'The Showbox' right by Pike Place Market and it was a really sweet venue. It reminded me a lot of the Commodore, but not as big. They played a wicked show, were very cute and funny, and surprisingly didn't mess up, despite a disclaimer from Tegan that she felt it was very likely she would.

Otherwise, I just blew all my travel money on a new downhill mountain bike. I better use it lots! At least I have some time now. I went up today and picked it up, then it started pouring and I thought maybe going solo into the wet, dark, forest-y mountain alone might not be a good idea. So I shall wait for better days. Here are some pics!

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