Friday, July 17, 2009

Holy shit Mt. Seymour is big... when you walk it.

I just took my new bike for a little ride on the ol' mountain, and then of course had to ride back UP the road to get back to my car. Worst 45 minutes ever. I had a bunch of gear on, most of it black, in 31 degree weather, pushing/riding my heavy ass bike up the mountain. I almost barfed. Srsly. Glad I'm home with water.

Next, I'm researching puppy breeders and found the best one ever! I was recommended to them by Alissa Staples, apparently their dogs are non-aggressive (like Shiba's can be) and are socialized from birth. I contacted her to see if there would be any litters in about six months. Can't wait! I decided to spell her name Kobie. There is also a Shiba Inu dog group Alissa directed me to, where they have play dates at an off leash park in Burnaby. They have a meet tomorrow... I may go. Is anything cuter than this little pumpkin? I just wanna squeeze him (in a safe, friendly way)!


  1. I thought we were going to hear you brought Kobie home today. Cute!