Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Specific Title

All right what has happened since my last post... I read the first of the Dark Tower series "The Gunslinger". I powered through it, since I heard it wasn't the strongest of the series, but felt I should read it regardless just to get the full experience. I have to say it wasn't as bad a read as I expected. Perhaps my opinion will change when compared to the rest, but I enjoyed it. Who doesn't find jawbones in their back pocket appealing? I know I do. So now I'm on to book two. "The Drawing of the Three". LOBSTROSITY!

I was accepted to Langara College in the Arts & Sciences University Transfer Program. Woot! Five of my previously taken classes from College six years ago actually transfer to UBC, so there's one semester out of the way! I had to take my math assessment last Friday, to place me in the correct course (since I hadn't taken math in over three years, this is a requirement). I studied and studied and got 92% on my assessment! I was very happy. Since the highest math I've done is grade 11, they technically were supposed to put me in Math 1150, which was still 2 courses away from my first year university level math! I was upset. I expressed this. Then the nice counsellor lady pulled some strings, and pushed me into Math 1152. Pre-calculus algebra. I don't know what that means either, but it's knocks one more math course out of my path so I was happies :) Teen has to register my courses for me since I'll be in Europe, but I'll be taking Math (on Monday and Wednesday mornings) and an Anthropology course on Thursday nights. YAY! Back to school, back to school.

I'm going to Europe, as I previously mentioned. Leaving July 3rd, excited! I'm all ready to go, minus getting my secret passport security device that I will hide under my shirt. And a travel towel. I will purchase those items today.

Oh and I want a puppy. A Shiba Inu. They're cute. I'll worry about that when I get home from Europe, and try to persuade my landlord that I'm a very responsible pet owner. We'll see how that flies...

Love Jenn


  1. I'll take you school supply shopping in August with Nugget. I'll buy you both new pencil cases and lunch boxes! So exciting!
    I am also excited about Hurley's new playmate, Oy.

  2. Indy's best friend just got one... a lil bad guy... cute, but bad... these dogs are form Japan so they are used to smaller spaces and are used to being neat... they'll eat they're own poo andlick up they're own pee... NOT letting this guy kiss me!!
    If you want to know more about this kind of dog, i'll getchoo to talk to Dave and Ting...