Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's about time I became one of those annoying, environmental types. At least for one blog entry. We all know there are a ton of environmental films out there, reporting varying degrees of accuracy about how much we're fucking up our world, and here is another. "Home" A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. I threw that name out with no expectations of you knowing who he is, because I don't either. Yann could even be a woman.

*Time out*
*Time in*

I took that time to research Yann, and his brief outline will be thus:

1. Older French man (-1 point ;))
2. Is a photographer, journalist, reporter and environmentalist. (not lazy, +1 point)
3. He lived amongst a Massai tribe for 3 years to study the behavior of a lions’ family and took daily pictures of them during those years. (I like lions)
4. He founded the Altitude Agency, the world’s first press agency and images bank specialised in aerial photography. (Pretty cool)
5. Founded the international environmental organization "GoodPlanet", and set up the program Action Carbone to offset his own greenhouse gas emissions generated by his helicopter transports. Since then this program has evolved to help people and companies to reduce and offset their climate impact by funding projects on renewable energies, energy efficiency and reforestation.

Overall, I like this Yann guy. Better than David Suzuki. Let the verbal attacks begin.

Anyway I'd recommend this film:

It can be viewed on youtube until June 14th, so get on it! If nothing else, it has some pretty cool high def aerial shots of our planet and all is dwindling glory. It did, however, inspire me to make a few simple changes in my own life that (if we all banded together to work towards) could make a large impact on our planet. Some easy things we can do:

1. Avoid drinking/buying bottled water.
2. Drive as little as possible. (I think getting rid of trucky helped the world live an extra year.)
3. Replace all the bulbs in your house with low energy bulbs. (I read on a conservation site that if every home in the USA replaced just ONE bulb with these lower energy bulbs, it would be the equivalent of taking 7.5 million cars off the road... so fuckin' do it.)
4. Don't use plastic bags at the grocery store. (I just switched to cloth.)
5. Recycle. (I would hope we all do this...)
6. Wash your laundry in cold water. (I already do.)
7. Have shorter, less hot showers. Replace your shower nozzle with a lower pressure one. (I'll work on that... I like showers.)
8. Turn off lights/electric items as much as possible.

I would hope that the governments would implement some larger impact regulations such as solar panels on roofs, more efficient cars etc. Even if the coffee companies removed all paper/plastic cups and forced us to bring our reusable mugs in it would make a huge difference in the long run. For now, we do what we can.
I don't want to run out of fresh water. I don't want to melt the ices. I don't want to make Earth a large scale Easter Island fiasco. I like living by the beach, and not having the water flood my lobby by raising 21 feet in the next 20 or so years. Do your part. Only you can prevent ruining the world...


  1. See I read your blog.

    I don't get why it's only up til June 14... why doesn't he want people to have a chance to watch more? Why Arlyn's B-day?

  2. i like my shower... shower head...