Monday, June 8, 2009

Crazy outdoor adventure weekend!

What a rad, outdoor adventure weekend! I spent Saturday up at Whistler doing my first day of downhill mountain biking. It was sweet. My favorite run was called 'crank it up' because it had a ton of jumps and reminded me of the ol' motocross days. I was too afraid to bring my camera, but here are a few pics I found online of that run. There were about 15 or so jumps on it, and I believe I cleared all but 2 of them. FUN!

A jump I *did* do.
I was afraid of this box the first time, but I hit it the second. Hell yeah. (Scarier when you're on it than it appears).
Just some cool bridges through the runs. Some parts were fuckin' intense. Very narrow paths full of drops, roots and rocks, with trees only slightly wider than handlebar width. I managed to survive without falling but I had a few scares haha.

Then Sunday we hit up The Chief and had a wicked time. There were 8 of us, and we went up to second peak. I didn't have a hard time of it this year, like last when I almost barfed. My legs were burning already from the biking the day before, but it was still really fun. Chains and ladders! Then we had some dinner in Squamish and headed to Sam's for some hot tubbing/swimming good times. My body is super tired right now but it was worth it.

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