Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Make it Sparkle

So as I've mentioned briefly before, I'm working on doing an acoustic version of "Let's Go to the Mall" by Robin Sparkles. The music video/song performed by Robin on "How I Met Your Mother". For the sake of non-fans, Robin (a fairly straight edge, news anchor, Canadian born girl living in New York) had it outed that she was once a Canadian pop star, with this hit which she had to tour across Canada performing in malls. A youtube link is justified:

... amazing I know. I'm breathless too. Well this was Ellery's idea, so I 'quickly' got to work on tabbing this out and performing it with just me and my guitar. It turned out to be pretty simple. I haven't been able to practice as much as I'd like because when I sing it my girlfriend gets mad. Apparently she doesn't like spoof 80's pop hits. She's going away for week, finally I can get some work done ;) (Just kidding pumpkin). Tonight I'm going to show my first version to Ellery for notes, since I'll let him co-direct. It was his idea after all. And I stole his non-hobby of doing photography today, I gotta give him something.

I can't wait to do the rap.

JT - out.


  1. I want to see it too!
    And then you and Mika should do a duet together that ends with both of you saying "freaky-freaky fresh" while you cross your arms and stand back to back. I would pay money to see this.