Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bloggity New Year

Using the word blog (or variations of) as the title in your blog post is always funny and original. I can tell because it's the first thing that came to my mind as well as Peanut, I now see. So I guess since everyone's blogging it up and I'm a sheep... or... a lemming, I'll follow suit. Or well, ditch the old blog and start a new one with the same design because these dots are cute and I still like them.

Considering how closely intertwined some of my friends lives are with my own, I suspect some multi-posts of similar topics going on, but it's all good. Maybe I'll start off with a list. Or multiple lists. Creating these make the reader more inclined to continue, I find, because when I see mass blocks of text I get intimidated and walk away. So here we go!

Things I learned last year:

1. The way your year ends can be drastically different to how it began...
2. You don't really know who you are until you're 25 (Peanut, you're always right).
3. Buying joined property sucks, things should remain separate until you're married... even then...
4. I think I'm kinda gay.
5. My proposals don't really mean that much.
6. Being unemployed is fun, but hard on the pocketbook... yikes.
7. Christmas can be kinda fun, I guess.
8. When I tell you I'll paint you a picture, I will, but you'll get it at the last possible moment.
9. "How I Met Your Mother" is awesome.
10. Narwhals totes get the girl.

Goals for the year:

1. Grow the fuck up! Steps I've taken so far include finally contributing to RRSP's, talking to a mortgage broker on Tuesday (yipes!), attempting to pay off my debt and filling out those adoption papers *kidding* (Clearly I attribute maturity to being financially responsible... boooring).
2. Take more risks (calculated of course, I'm not gonna go make out with people covered in herpes.)
3. Play an open mic.
4. Buy a condo.
5. Travel somewhere I haven't been (outside of BC).
6. USE the gym membership I just purchased.
7. Try yoga.
8. Be Robin Sparkles.
9. Get wicked at snowboarding (or, less not wicked).
10. Write the sweetest 'best man' speech ever! *Holy pressure! I better get over my stagefright, thank you tequila*

I was attempting to stealthily write this at work, and now it appears to be go time. So that's it for now. Today I bought a travel mug in an attempt to conserve the environment and uhh... save money on coffee. It's pretty and green.

Love Jenn

PS - Tegan and Sara are recording a new album soon. My life feels better now.

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